Thursday, June 19, 2008

HP OfficeJet K5400 not printing boarders

One of my customers called to complain about a recently purchased HP OfficeJet K5400 which I had recommended for her. The ink cost per page was the best deal we could find, however, she had a problem printing one of her docs.
The doc has a rectangular boarder around the perimeter but the printer was cutting off the line running across the bottom of the page. This ruined the artful effect of the boarder. The solution is easy enough. She converted the word (.doc) document to .pdf document and the boarder printed perfectly.
She said the problem is mentioned on HP’s web site with no solution and the HP help desk did not have a clue.
If you have Adobe writer on your work station you can ‘save as’ to make the conversion, otherwise there are a number of sources on the internet with free software and/or free trials for the conversion

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