Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don’t waste your money on a Fax machine that uses Film.

Don’t waste your money on a Fax machine that uses Film.

A customer called for a price on Fax film for his Brother 1270e fax. He was buying 8 rolls a week at a cost of $28.00 per roll or $224.00 per week.

The PC-201 film he is using yields a coverage of 450 pages per roll or 3600 pages per week.

Using a compatible film at 300 pages per roll and $14.00 per roll would bring his weekly expense to $168.00, a $56.00 savings.

Further savings are available if he were to keep the frames and replace the rolls only. Rolls at $23.04 per 2 pack would reduce his weekly expenditure to $138.20 per week, an $86.00 savings.

His best option, however, would be to purchase a laser fax machine. For example the Canon L170 is on sale at Staples for $135 after rebate. Included with the fax machine is an S35, 3500 page cartridge (a $126.00 value at Staples). Using these fax machines with 3500 page cartridges would reduce his consumable expense to $126.00 per week or a $98.00 per week savings.

Further savings on the Canon fax would be to use a compatible cartridge at $95 for a savings of $129 per week savings!!

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Tim Frangioso said...

Hey John, - Not to put you out of business but I would say forget the fax machine all together. Buy a Fujitsu ScanSnap doc scanner and use one of the email to fax services that are out there. That way you do not use any paper at all. You can either email or fax the scanned document.